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interactive light&sound installation

produced by Didem Coskunseven&Engin Daglık


for CODAME Art&Technology Festival which took place @Github Headquarters in San Francisco, CA. October 2019.

About the Work


ĀĒR is a site-specific installation focusing on turning a “transitive space” into a “space of experience” by using lighting design and interactive spatial sound design in such a way that they manifest both an “uncanny” and “inviting” ambience.


The work is designed to be installed in a shipping container in the exhibition area of Codame 2019 and consists of eight light structures hanged on the surfaces of the container and eight-channel interactive audio immersed in this “transitive space”. The starting point of designing the ambience of ĀĒR evolves around some contrasting concepts such as “expansion”, “vastness”, “percolation” and “fragmentation”.

A E R was exhibited as part of CODAME Art & Technology Festival @GITHUB Headquarters, San Francisco, CA between October 25-27, 2019.This project was supported by, and developed at CNMAT @ UC Berkeley, under the guidance of Edmund Campion. Special thanks to Jeremy Wagner for his contribution in the construction of the installation.

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