AnamorphosisEngin Daglik
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Performed by Airborne Extended in March, 2018 at Saygun Concert Hall, Ankara


Contrabass Recorder (Paetzold)- Caroline Mayrhofer
Harp - Elisabeth Plank
Harpsichord - Sonja Leipold
Keyboard - Elena Gabrielli


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About the Piece


In this piece, my starting point is to construct a structure which does not include any developing or transforming materials. However, different juxtapositions and proportions of these repeated raw materials in diverse time layers always create new shapes throughout the piece. So, my expectation is to make listener perceive new, fresh frames by reshaping the listening experience.  

Within the composition process, most difficult thing is to create a good connection between the instrumentation (paetzold recorder, harpsichord, harp) and the piece itself due to the undeniable link between the history and those instruments. While I was investigating the capabilities of these instruments, I realised the fact that they have their own playing practices which are mostly connected to Baroque music.

At the end of the instrumentation practice, I come up with a different way of an ornamentation table which, I suppose, gives a freedom to interpret the notation. After establishing the overall identity of the piece, I decided to use some live electronics and sampler in order to alienate the sources (instruments) from their link to the history, while preserving some common playing practices. 

The overall form and idea is constituted by implying several time layers through the piece after creating several musical shapes in both micro and macro level.