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"Engin Dağlık is a composer, artist and performer who essentially enjoys and explores anything related to sound and music."

He is mostly interested in producing works that aim to re-create and re-shape the perception of space in order to make viewers and listeners re-imagine the site transformed by the work. He enjoys designing and producing works for concert, gallery and public spaces by implying different immersive audio techniques, using concrete materials to create explicit structures. 


Since graduating with a Bachelor of Music from the Istanbul Bilgi University in 2017, Engin has participated several concerts, festivals, workshops and exhibitions around Europe, Turkey and the United States. Besides working with several renowned musicians and ensembles such as Jack Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Quasar Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Airborne; he also participated as a sound artist in Codame art&technology festival, Marina Abramovic exhibition called Flux, Spectrum multichannel music festival, Convex art festival. 


After completing Master of Arts in Music at Bilkent University, he is currently pursuing his DMA in music composition at Stanford University, concentrating on the compositional and performative  implementation of the spatial audio techniques at the Center of Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Besides composing and producing music, he regularly performs in various projects and free improvisation sessions as a drummer and electronic musician.

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