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Point-Instant (Mahal)

site-specific sound  installation


10 transducer speakers distributed through staircase in the museum


curated by Engin Daglik


Deniz Aslan - Window

Deniz Caglarcan - Flux

Engin Daglik - Point-Instant

Nadir Kaya - No ground for

Yunus Thurston - when now then (than) never

Tolga Yayalar - ... in the room

@Evliyagil Museum, Ankara


Mahal is conceived as a site specific sound project for Müze Evliyagil. Even though it contains diverse elements such as musical performance and sound installation, it aims to provide the audience with a collective sound experience. Works, that are formed upon a conceptual basis thought out by seven composers, occupy their own spaces  simultaneously in a similar fashion that art objects are placed in a museum. Each work penetrates into the other by interfering with the space of the other. The impossibility of containing sound in a closed space, became a common starting point rather than an obstacle for the project. For a good hour, this collective sound world that penetrates every corner inside and spills outside, aims to add a new layer to the memory that the space has created up to now. Unlike a musical concert, Mahal does not require any ideal position to experience. The impossibility of perceiving sounds of Mahal as a whole, encourages listeners to draw their own individual paths, ultimately offering them a unique and subjective experience.



for 10 transducer speakers attached to the stairway

If we imagine that each point in the space has an instant image, the infinite number of instants create a fluent motion which contains both complexity and simplicity within itself. Through this motion each point transform the meaning of space dynamically. In Point-Instant, I approached to sound as those points which are shaped by the place they belong while leaking into their neighbors in order to serve the whole motion.

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