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light and sound sculpture
10 transducer speakers(2nd order-3D-HOA), led, el wire and luminescent fishing line 

Hollow - excerpt_in_stereoEngin Daglik
00:00 / 09:36

 -exhibited at CONVEX, Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center(CSM), May 2019


-exhibited at Bilkent MSSF building, Ankara, June-December 2019

About the Work


"Hollow" is a light and sound sculpture which creates a boundary between its own environment and the space which surrounds it. The internal environment of the dodecahedron shaped structure  consists of 2nd order 3D ambisonic sound design and lighting design by installing transducer speakers, led, el wire and luminescent fishing line. In order to establish a magnified space, all surfaces of the shape are built with one-way mirror. The explicit nature of the sculpture lets the viewer to observe "outside" reflection of the design while arousing curiosity about the "inside".


Special thanks for their contributions;

Didem Coskunseven

M. Levent Daglık

Mustafa Kurumbay

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